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Zeteo are specialists in providing the best in People Selection, Human Performance, Leadership Development and Personal Development services to help your business achieve ultimate success.

What differentiates Zeteo from others is our ability to accurately pin point the potential of superior performers and link the potential with job expectations and results.

This is a huge leap forward when compared to traditional methods used today.

No question, the ability to link potential, people and jobs would otherwise be impossible to do by any other means and could be the ace in the hole that changes your business forever.

With our proven and time-tested solutions we are able to provide accurate and insightful information to assist you in selecting the best people for sustained performance.

Our solutions can be applied across all key areas of business and can be tailored to meet the needs of any company, regardless of size or industry.

If you need help with choosing the right candidates, developing a hiring strategy, understanding how to lead and manage your team, or even if you’re experiencing performance issues in your business, then we have a range of services to help you gain clarity and achieve the best people selection, human performance, Leadership and Personal Development results for your business success - FIND OUT MORE

  • Gain accuracy and reliability far in advance of traditional hiring methods
  • Receive sustainable and repeatable processes for future initiatives
  • Create richer interactions between your employees, management and overall team
  • Watch your business improve with the best people delivering the best results

Employer and employee relationships

The consequences of breaching the unwritten employment agreement

Employer and Employee Relationships 

There are two agreements between an employer and an employee?

The written agreement, which both parties sign, includes hours of work, rules and regulations, compliance requirements, etc. This is the legal agreement that you as an employer have up your sleeve in case something goes awry in the first 90 days of employment.



Why most leaders and managers fail to understand

The chat behind the bosses back is often about how he or she doesn’t understand. What we generally mean is that the boss doesn’t know us for who we are, just for what we do. We know that our bosses aren’t bad people but we criticise them nonetheless for their leadership failures.

As we search for leadership, we often look to others who have displayed some greatness and attempt to copy them but the truth is that we really don’t know what true leadership is.  This article explores leadership from a people perspective and examines what great leaders do.