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Employer and employee relationships

The consequences of breaching the unwritten employment agreement

Employer and Employee Relationships 

There are two agreements between an employer and an employee?

The written agreement, which both parties sign, includes hours of work, rules and regulations, compliance requirements, etc. This is the legal agreement that you as an employer have up your sleeve in case something goes awry in the first 90 days of employment.



Why most leaders and managers fail to understand

The chat behind the bosses back is often about how he or she doesn’t understand. What we generally mean is that the boss doesn’t know us for who we are, just for what we do. We know that our bosses aren’t bad people but we criticise them nonetheless for their leadership failures.

As we search for leadership, we often look to others who have displayed some greatness and attempt to copy them but the truth is that we really don’t know what true leadership is.  This article explores leadership from a people perspective and examines what great leaders do.



Why boosting employee morale is good for you!

This week I spent some time at the Auckland Boat Show with the CEO of an importing and manufacturing company that supplies specialist products to the boat building industry. The CEO had encouraged all his employees to attend the Show because he wanted them to see the company’s products in action and to have a chance to talk with customers face-to-face.

He knew that if his staff could see the company as their customers saw it they would feel more pride in the work that they were doing and would have a greater sense of belonging to something that is “more than just a job”.



Put the right people in the right job

Does this situation sound familiar?

A client told me about someone that he employed in a technical role. The employee was extremely competent technically but over time the job changed and became less technical and more focused on interacting with people every day.



What makes a good leader?

If you feel you should be leading people, if you are already a leader and want to be better, if you are selecting leaders for your company, or if you are training leaders then it is important to understand how to quantify and measure leadership qualities.

Every person will have their own answers to the question “what makes a good leader?” However, while most of us have experienced living and working with leaders; in our families, community, in sport and through our working lives; a deep understanding of the differences of a good leader to a bad one, and comparisons of differences between leaders and managers seems to be a tough question that requires a more in-depth answer.