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Ingredients to Success - the right people, in the right jobs, doing the right thing

Business Excellence breakfast Wednesday 9 May 2012

The guest speaker, one of NZ’s most renowned leaders, Sir Ralph Norris, talked about the successes of ASB, Air NZ, and Commonwealth Bank, all of which under his stewardship were turned around to be acknowledged front runners in their respected industries. Three out of three is a remarkable achievement.

Right from the start of his speech Sir Ralph emphasized two important ingredients of the success were keeping things simple and most importantly people. The right people, in the right jobs, doing the right thing, with what Sir Ralph termed discretionary performance.

Zeteo’s stance and focus echo’s Sir Ralph’s words beautifully. A simple structure (which we call Purpose, Process, People) for advancing ( better to best in our words) performance.

Our focus is firmly on the people, which is our area of expertise.

We think it is important for you to separate us from traditional providers. We are not Business Consultants, recruiters, or HR, or Personnel Consultants, Trainers, or assessment providers.

Spend an hour with Zeteo to discuss how we go about facilitating better people performance with “new thinking” rather than through traditional ways. You won’t be disappointed.

Carl Davies Selection and Human Performance Specialist Zeteo

Carl Davies
Selection and Human Performance Specialist