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Power of "People First"

Have you forgotten the Christchurch disaster?

Watching the news this week. In particular the struggles of people having to battle the systems, rules and regulations, slowing down progress, resulting in frustration and uncertainty.

Not so long ago we were embraced with a different view of Christchurch.

The bravery, the commitment, the togetherness and compassion of people. As we see often do in times of trouble (war etc.)

When we are back to “normal”, systems, rules standards and processes prevail over people.

We are blind to what really matters most. People before; things and ideals.

“Ideals have a conceptual worth, Things have a use. Conscious beings are ends in themselves”. Conscious beings are the mothers , fathers, our children, uncles, in fact everyone  and yes animals.

The emphasis and focus should be on people first.

Read the Hawthorne studies for confirmation of Focus on People first.

Rebuilding Christchurch or building a business is no different; people are the most important resource to achieve success. When we relate this to business and engage the positives of people working together we see better results. Perhaps when those engaged in the rebuilding of Christchurch or managers in business reverse the focus we will truly see the changes so desperately and quickly needed.

Do that at work and all sorts of wonderful things happen.

Carl Davies Selection and Human Performance Specialist Zeteo

Carl Davies
Selection and Human Performance Specialist