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Being successful by being good at being yourself

No matter what your background, job or family situation, many of us have a desire to be successful. There are many theories out there on how to achieve this. The web is full of “you can be successful too” ideas, schemes, books, programs, seminars and self-help ideas. Successful people who have achieved wonderful results (sometimes even life changing) give inspirational talks with the “if I can do it, so can you” message.

For many people social and family norms expect success, and failure is not a welcome word. Those who have positive attitudes are encouraged; those who express negativity are often questioned.

All through our lives we are told what to do. Parents tell us to do this and not do that. At school ideas are reinforced through education and at work boundaries are set by employers. Friends, family, work colleagues and bosses are keen to offer us advice on any subject. Interestingly; though we may seek advice and help, most of us don’t actually like being told what to do! Is this true for you?

What if you could find your own way to success, by just being you, and really could guide yourself on how to be successful? Would this be helpful? More importantly, would it help to know what you could do to avoid failure, and how to avoid the chances of not getting to where you want to be or reach your goals in life? Does this sound like fantasy?

Well, here is something you may like to think about.

What we at Zeteo do know is that people who are successful are good at being themselves. They know their own strengths and blocks and are good at knowing how to manage both. We know that it is not about changing yourself so much as it is about managing who you are, what you are and where you are going.

There is nothing wrong with discovering different ways to be successful or listening to inspirational people, except that those ideas are not specific to you. You are unique and the strengths and blocks that you have are likely to be uniquely different to others. This means that the answers you seek to be successful are unlikely to exist in others thinking.

You may just get there by luck, winning lotto or shear hard work and determination. But if you know what your unique strengths and blocks are it is likely to make the whole journey not only potentially more possible, but a lot faster, easier and enjoyable.

Through Zeteo’s exclusive combination of Axiology research, behavioural science, and motivation and skill discovery you can learn about your strengths and blocks and discover a powerful platform for your own success. Add in some good habits and you have your own unique formula for success - not someone else’s.

There is no magic bullet. It is all about first discovering who you are, what you are and where you are going in life. Then it is about learning the little things that are required to help you on the journey.

The result is being yourself and utilising what is naturally you in the first place. Discovery is the learning, being yourself the practice, and the habits you form are the application. From here success will happen naturally!

Zeteo is helping hundreds of people discover their own potential by being good at being themselves. Care to join them?

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