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Being successful by being good at being yourself

No matter what your background, job or family situation, many of us have a desire to be successful. There are many theories out there on how to achieve this. The web is full of “you can be successful too” ideas, schemes, books, programs, seminars and self-help ideas. Successful people who have achieved wonderful results (sometimes even life changing) give inspirational talks with the “if I can do it, so can you” message.

For many people social and family norms expect success, and failure is not a welcome word. Those who have positive attitudes are encouraged; those who express negativity are often questioned.



Power of "People First"

Have you forgotten the Christchurch disaster?

Watching the news this week. In particular the struggles of people having to battle the systems, rules and regulations, slowing down progress, resulting in frustration and uncertainty.

Not so long ago we were embraced with a different view of Christchurch.



Avoid costly Hiring Mistakes: make better selection decisions when recruiting

Unfortunately many companies or organisations in NZ have not been able to get hold of advanced information and knowledge and so have had to rely on the tried and true. The presentation of a CV and a subsequent interview and reference check. Pretty much relying on gut feel; we might as well flip a coin; 50/50 chance. Hiring the best people to do the job you want them to do is no different than 100 years ago.

Yes jobs are different, environments are different, technology is different but people are not.



Ingredients to Success - the right people, in the right jobs, doing the right thing

Business Excellence breakfast Wednesday 9 May 2012

The guest speaker, one of NZ’s most renowned leaders, Sir Ralph Norris, talked about the successes of ASB, Air NZ, and Commonwealth Bank, all of which under his stewardship were turned around to be acknowledged front runners in their respected industries. Three out of three is a remarkable achievement.

Right from the start of his speech Sir Ralph emphasized two important ingredients of the success were keeping things simple and most importantly people.